Converse High Tops


By Mark Tulin

A worn pair of Converse High Tops
drape from a solitary wire
where the crows balance
and most people ignore.

I see the sneakers hang in the day
and upside down like a bat at night.
Happily and hopefully stuck,
a symbol of teenage revolt.

They look like a size ten.
I wonder what teenager wore them.
They still have tread on their soles,
just frayed around the edges.

It must have taken the kid hours to do,
choosing to immortalize such a thing.
Wanting to be free like a sneaker,
looking down at the world from a solitary wire.

Mark’s poetry and stories are his most effective ways of expressing himself. His upcoming poetry book, Awkward Grace, will be out in early 2020.

9 thoughts on “Converse High Tops

  1. may hem, thanks for the link. Back in my day (the late 60s), sneakers on a wire didn’t seem to have such an angry and violent connotation, or perhaps I lived a sheltered life and wasn’t aware of it.


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