That Certain Charm


By Rafiq Ebrahim

As a youth I came across a girl and was immediately attracted to her. I was fascinated by certain traits in her; the way she blinked her eyes, a winning smile, a twitch of her shoulder. Shyness prevented me from expressing my feelings to her. She went away from my life, but the attraction prevailed.

Forty years later, I suddenly met her. Her new image broke the bubble of fascination. I looked at myself closely in the mirror, and the bubble shattered to pieces.

Love is so fragile

“Wrting gives me some solace of having created something.” – the author

4 thoughts on “That Certain Charm

  1. You have an inspiring post. It brought to mind a book I read last year. The book is called ‘you think it; I’ll say it”, by Curtis Sittenfeld, and it mirrors your post in how we often believe what we imagine, to be true.


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