A New Sense of Place


By Catherine Coundjeris

The mountain is
New to me,
Looking different
Each moment
In every light.
My eyes
Rest on it
Every day.
And present
Its shadows
Cast into my room
Cold and shining
It stands by
Pushing back the sky.
Spirits like fireflies
Rise above it.

“I am fascinated by the pattern our lives make in the big picture of the universe in which we live. This poem is a tribute to my mother who recently passed away. She inspired me to write and enjoy poetry in all its many forms.” – the poet

6 thoughts on “A New Sense of Place

  1. I lived in a very flat area my whole life, so mountains are a new experience for me. They are so alive and have such a presence I had to write about it. I am glad all of you enjoyed the poem. Thanks for your responses. Thank you for the great picture, editors! Beautiful presentation!


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