To Jump Off A Cliff


By Jim Bates

“Jump off a cliff?” My wife was incredulous. “Thirty feet into a river? Are you nuts?”

“No, I’m brave,” I tried to reason with her.

“No, you’re an idiot,” she countered. “It’s just a bunch of macho BS.” Back and forth we argued, neither of us giving in. But she was adamant. And she was definitely right, I conceded. The day I jumped, as I fell through the air, the water rose up and slapped me hard, so I wouldn’t forget.

I write because I’m interested in relationships between people, especially partners, spouses and/or siblings.

10 thoughts on “To Jump Off A Cliff

  1. Jim, it’s a great photo. Credit to whoever took it. And I really enjoyed the short, sharp story. I had flashbacks to relationships I’ve been in and realise how much I have changed with the grace of being solo. No longer the need to control another human being, knowing that what anyone does it just right for their moment. What a fabulous leap!

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    1. Thank you, Shreya. Glad you liked the story and, yes, the Drabble folks did a great job finding an appropriate image to go along with it. Thanks again for reading it and commenting.👍


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