October 3rd, 1873


By River Rivers

My ancestors, the Modoc Natives, were colonized. My home is Oregon. My home has a dark-side. After a great battle, Captain Jack shot General Canby. For their “war crimes,” four Modoc were hanged. That’s when the spectators took their souvenirs of war.

They auctioned off the ropes, strands of hair, and pieces of the gallows. That was nothing compared to what a D.C. Medical Museum received from a surgeon. Four skinned, defleshed, and preserved heads. Labeled 1018, 1019, 1020, and 1021.

By 1898 that collection had grown to 2,206 skulls. Four of them being Jack, John, Charley, and Jim.

“I write to overcome dyslexia.” – the author

3 thoughts on “October 3rd, 1873

  1. Just like there is beauty and love in the world. Where God exists and loves us so does the devil roam. Very interesting post. That was a wicked time. I am part Cherokee and very proud of my Indian heritage. Great post.


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