Sock Puppet


By Gary Priest

MJ was a failure with women. Life had smothered him in a cheap cologne called Cupid’s Mistake.

So, he created a sock puppet called Madeline Rose, or MR, for short. He applied lipstick to her sock mouth, glued stolen hair to her sock head, and painted dark blue eyes on her sock face.

Madeline Rose sat by his bedside for months until he plucked up enough courage.

He cooked a romantic dinner for two, played soft music, drank a little wine, and finally put his hand into the sock.

Blue eyes slowly surveyed him.

“What’s that awful smell?” she asked

Gary Priest writes “for fun and revenge and funny revenge.”

5 thoughts on “Sock Puppet

  1. Great little tale. Finally someone told him , but then again he knew all along just need to confirm his denial. But in hindsight, was it his body odour or his psychological attachment to sock-puppets?


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