On the Edge


By Lois Villemaire

The new clothes washer wasn’t operating and had been sitting useless for three weeks. Taking her final sip of cold coffee and breathing in the aroma, she saw her unhappy reflection in the bottom of the mug. The repair man arrived yesterday and was stymied by the way the lid remained locked after the cycle ended. He ordered replacement parts and scheduled another visit. She glanced at the mountain of dirty clothes. Her favorite jeans were being held captive inside the evil machine along with unfamiliar lipstick stains on her husband’s shirt. She focused her anger on the clothes washer.

“I write to explore moments and the feelings that are under the surface.” – the writer

10 thoughts on “On the Edge

  1. I liked this because it reminds all how reliant we are on our modern way of life. Mechanical breakdown and marriage problems held hostage, a feeling of disappointment and being let down by man and machine.
    They – I didn’t want them too – came and took away my perfectly working condenser dryer. Apparently it was on the recall list as a fire hazard. It was brilliant, I loved that old machine. THEY replaced it with a new younger model, with no experience and lack lustre, it takes ages to dry anything, I feel as if they have taken away part of me, I know I will never get on with the replacement.


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