By Kim Whysall-Hammond

By the door of the living room
away from the adults
a girl dances.
Lost in her own world
lost in shadows
dreaming unknown incandescent things
that even now she cannot fathom.
But the echoes of those dances
float across years.
Each subsequent dance
at a wedding or festival
evoking something
until she finds, in middle age
a need and urge to dance again
to feel the echoes, sense the incandescence.
Just once more.

“I write poetry because I have to, they come to me. I blog because it gets lonely sometimes.” – the writer

7 thoughts on “Dance

  1. I read this as I’m listening to Whitney Houston sing – I Wanna Dance with Somebody! LOL I’ve been dancing (in my chair mostly) all day! 😉 And last week, I responded to a challenge with this piece about dancing. I LOVE the WP people who are putting me in a great frame of mind. Thank you! ❤

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