Creating an Angel


By Pennygadd51

In her day, giggles had been famous. Now she was ‘merely’ a legend. Midnight had passed. She packed her tools. Paint – gold, white, amber, olive, black and her trademark Cayman blue. Propellant. Stencils.

Carefully, listening, feeling, she clambered onto the railway. Forty minutes before the train. Using each stencil in turn, she unerringly sprayed color beside color. The tang of solvent stung her nostrils. She imagined the radiant angel taking shape, though her age-blinded eyes couldn’t see it.

She added her tag. The rails hissed. There was a rumble. Timing it to perfection, giggles stepped in front of the train.

“Human beings fascinate me. I write to try to catch the essence of experiences.” – the writer

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