By John Young

“I am interested in people’s hobbies,” said the elderly lady to the man seated beside her on the plane.

“I collect,” he volunteered.

Good, she thought. A long flight lay ahead. Her book lay on her lap. She much preferred talking to reading. “Really! Can I ask what you collect?”

“I collect ‘boredoms,’” he replied. “I write them down.”

“Boredoms! What on earth are boredoms?”

“Things, events, that bore people, such as people speaking like this.” He spoke the last words very slowly, in a soft, high-pitched, very flat, nasal voice.

“How interesting,” the woman said, lifting her book.

“I like the boundary areas between ‘normal’ and odd experience . I write to express what ‘bubbles up’ from … well I don’t know where.” – the writer

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