Kericho Gold


By Ann Christine Tabaka

Morning tea,
brewed with memories of places I have been.
I can taste the shade and mountain breeze.
Delicate upon my tongue,
flavors of earth and sun combine.
Bright aroma of cool rain fills my cup,
as I sip the rich amber liquid.
A splash of milk, as tradition proclaims.
On the air, chanting of a time long past.
Lazy afternoons under an acacia tree
flash through my mind.
Friendly banter with natives, the gift of new words.
A land of beauty and mystery that lives forever in my morning ritual,
holding warmth within my hands.
Tea time in Kenya.

“I write because it is who I am.” – the writer

6 thoughts on “Kericho Gold

  1. You made me miss my tea time in Kenya. Two of my children graduated from high school in Nairobi. During this COVID 19 time, my oldest said he is living on beans and rice and chapatis. Thanks for bringing back memories.


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