The Weary Healer


By Mark Tulin

I don’t want to be a healer anymore.
I grew weary of helping people,
massaging and soothing a troubled spirit,
absorbing their pain and suffering,
and spending years redirecting them
to a manageable change.
I don’t want to be a therapist anymore,
sitting across from a client who distorts the world
and help them out of crisis mode
from a one-hour session to the next.
I want to take care of my woes,
treating my wounds and hurts
and befriending my child-within.
I want to find a sense of place,
discovering the joys in life,
and getting good REM sleep.

“Writing creates an intimacy with the world.” – the writer

10 thoughts on “The Weary Healer

  1. I once asked a counselor in the middle of a session how she could stand spending the day listening to people like me complain, day after day. She had a good answer; now, I wonder how she really felt?

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  2. I know from experience that most therapists try to focus on the positive aspects of therapy. Good feelings come as a result of helping someone to improve their lives. But many therapists need therapy themselves to deal with their own troubles and the stresses of their occupation.


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