What My Ghost Looks Like


By Sofia Gamba

Her face is colorless, eyes dull. Heavy lids veil earthen green that used to sparkle there. Smile lines crease the skin around her mouth but they’re twisted the wrong way. Hair hangs loose, pale and cold like the rest of her. Fingers clench into fists that whiten her knuckles but she’s not angry. No. She’s chilled, exhausted; a strong wind might blow her away.

She’s a bad day I had once. She was searching for sunshine through the mirror. I still see her sometimes, for a second or two, never long enough to tell her that she found it.

“I write to relax and unravel the knots in my spaghetti brain.”

3 thoughts on “What My Ghost Looks Like

  1. Reblogged this on Girl of Steel and commented:
    Check it out! One of my pieces was published on The Drabble. This was a creative freewrite that I did during a particularly rough day in college. Much darker than I usually go for but all is well now.


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