Hey! Where You Going?


By John L. Malone

“Hey! Where you going? Don’t you know we’re in lockdown?”

“You might be. I’m not.”

He’s at the door. It’s open a little to let in the breeze and he’s about to make his grand exit. I must admit. Full moon, galaxy of stars. It is pretty enticing.

“Why should you have all the fun?” I say.

“‘Cause I’m a cat. Cats just wanna have fun.”

John is having plenty of fun writing miniature stories about his cat, Rosco.

4 thoughts on “Hey! Where You Going?

  1. I bet Rosco is mates with that cat that hangs around our place, sending poor Missy mad, because she can’t ‘play’ with it … She barks and barks and barks, but the cat won’t come close enough for a ‘game’. Clever cat, Missy wouldn’t play nice, not at all …

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