Toxic Relationship


By Zoe Sparque

As a baby, Toby never cried. “Something is wrong with him,” said his grandmother. “Just an easy child,” his mother responded.

As a toddler, Toby didn’t speak or walk. “Something is wrong with him,” said his grandmother. “He’s just a quiet kid,” his mother replied.

His grandmother knew better than to seek a fight with her daughter-in-law. All she wanted – all she had ever wanted – was to protect her grandson from all evil and danger.

She quickly opened the bottle and stirred a spoonful of medicine into his food. Certainly, one day soon, it would finally drive out the demons.

“I write because it allows me to live a thousand lives and travel to a million different places. Words are awesome like that.” – the writer

4 thoughts on “Toxic Relationship

  1. My grandmother used to give my cousins aspirin when they were sick despite my aunt being devout Christian Scientist. She was supposed to call the prayer line instead but she never did; only pretending to do so. She also took them to be baptized without my aunt finding out for many years. This piece jarred those long ago memories I had forgotten about. Trippy.

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