Please Love Responsibly


By Sofia Gamba

You love with the heart
Of an unloved man
Pitied for your part
Never sure if you can.

Claiming uncharted shores
And skies of deepest blue
While opening doors
That you would never walk through.

I don’t understand
Cherished everyday
Why you play the unloved man
When you know a better way.

Now your tears fall
Demanding an apology
That I didn’t call.
Oh, sweet tragedy!

Chin up darling.
You’ll find someone new
As soon as you stop pretending
To be the broken-hearted fool.

I write to relax and unravel the knots in my spaghetti brain.

4 thoughts on “Please Love Responsibly

  1. This is a beautiful one. Yes, some men do seem to believe they are not trying hard enough. I was that way in my previous relationship. I called myself “rotten” during our worst moments, while she always had to tell me otherwise.

    This is good work you have done. ❤

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