Remembering Our D-Day Heroes


By Douglas J. Lanzo

They rest in hallowed rows of white marble crosses,
Overlooking the site of harrowing losses,
The first battle for many that fateful June day,
That brought freedom to beaches where tyranny held sway;

They battled mines at sea and mortars fired from cliffs,
Causing crushing explosions and deadly landing craft riffs,
Storming Omaha Beach in the face of withering fire,
Demonstrating valor and honor to which we aspire;

Their sacrifice brought generations freedom and light,
Freeing Fortress Europe from an excruciating plight;
May we always revere, remembering when we pray,
Our heroes who fell that fateful D-Day.

“A General Counsel by day and a poet by night, I have a passion for connecting with people through creative writing of all kinds …” – the writer

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