The Waterfall


By Bibiana Krall

“I have never danced in the rain,” she said.

Her words transported me back in time to my childhood.

Woods protected our farm, a fragrant mystery of spruce, maple and oak.

The rain gutter on the barn perched so high, hawks nested there.

Providence was a hole in the eavestrough the size of a man’s fist.

Orange-clove shampoo with my sister in tow made for summer adventure.

Gravity created a waterfall, mischievous hands deflected its force.

Washing our hair in freezing-cold rain, we became land-locked mermaids.

Lightning eventually forced us indoors.

Boldly embracing life, we never stopped yearning for more.

“I write because I have something to say. I write because for years I was told my voice didn’t matter. I write for freedom and I write for hope. I am a late bloomer and went back to school a few years ago. I studied hard and read more books than I ever had in my life.” – the writer

9 thoughts on “The Waterfall

  1. Really enjoyed this piece, especially the image of a land-locked mermaid. It transported me back to my childhood. My big sister loved the rain and dragged me out for walks whenever it was storming. I, of course, made her listen while I read poetry out loud once we came back and had dried off. Thanks!


  2. Wow. I am an undergraduate from India. I have hardly travelled anywhere.

    Reading posts like these gives me glimpses of the world I wish to see with my own eyes.

    Thank you for writing this.


  3. LOVED IT! I smiled, I laughed, I cried for the longing of joy when my siblings and I played in the rain many many years ago. A delicious bath with water we didn’t have to pump or carry!


  4. Thank you to The Drabble for this opportunity and to each and every one of you for the wonderful engagement with this piece. It is easily one of my favorite childhood memories. I am honored that you took the time to join my sister and I at The Waterfall. Take care out there and don’t forget to dance in the rain.


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