Top Hat


By Barry Vitcov

The perfectly cooked rabbit was pulled out of the top hat and placed on the plate before us. “Bon appetite! And enjoy your magical treasures,” said the tuxedoed waiter. Service at Café Surprise was, indeed, different. We smiled at each other, shrugged, and cut into some of the most delectable meat we had ever tasted. As we finished the meal with a final sip of Oregon Pinot Noir, we held hands, closed our eyes, sighed with contentment, and suddenly found ourselves inside an immense top hat before it was lifted revealing a wildly applauding audience.

Barry Vitcov says he writes because “I’m retired. What else is there to do!”

3 thoughts on “Top Hat

  1. This is a delightful story with its unexpected conclusion. I enjoyed the read.
    Your story reminded me of my early childhood. During UK food rationing after WWII our family had rabbit stew every Wednesday evening. I recall a little boy who was visiting exclaiming “You mean rabbit is bunny” and refusing to eat. The early 1950s myxomatosis epidemic of which killed almost 100% of rabbits in the UK put an end to our rabbit stew.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I have a neighbor who shares many of her memories about growing up in England after the war, especially stories about food rationing.


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