Golden Years Gone Wrong


By Dianne Moritz

How I yearned for the golden years as I hit retirement age. Days with plenty of free time, relaxing by the beach, traveling to far-flung, exotic places: Tahiti, Peru, Paris. No work. No worries.

In reality many friends died, suffered dementia, or moved away. Then, suddenly came a global pandemic no one could have fathomed in their worst nightmares. Life changed in an instant.

Now, we huddle in our homes, wipe everything down, wash our hands raw, wear masks, and pray. Yet, still, people die.

The future of this brave, new world looks bleak.

“I sometimes write to help lessen my anxiety.” – the writer

3 thoughts on “Golden Years Gone Wrong

  1. It looks like you and me will, somehow, need to think of an innovative way to spend our golden years. I turned 65 today and your story echoes loud and clear with me. I wonder if tending weeds for the next twenty odd years is my final lot. If that is the case, bury me under the roses where at least my body will contribute to their colourful flowers. I will then be satisfied to know that I had a useful purpose all along.

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  2. It’s an awful time – so many dreams and plans needing to be put on hold or abandoned. I am about twenty years short of retirement… if retirement is still a thing by then. My fears are for my children’s futures.


  3. I have passed conventional retirement age, but am still working due financial pressures. Covid has changed a lot of plans, but I still look forward to the future when I am in command of my own time, and can devote my time to the pursuits I chose instead of those of an employer. To me, it is still the Golden Age, and I intend making the most of it.

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