Remedy for a Rose


By Will H. Blackwell, Jr.

Great-aunt Bethany was a Master-Rosarian—grew every known variety, and one that wasn’t (‘Bethany’s Rose’).

She knew tricks-of-the-trade, yearly winning best-in-show at the local Floral-Competition.

Up in age, arthritic, occasionally forgetful, this would be her final rose-season.

Disappointed last-year—flowers beautiful, but the foliage darkened prematurely—for the first time, she didn’t win.

“Lack of iron,” she concluded—had me ‘planting’ rusty-nails through the rose-beds—to no avail!

I disliked gardening, but wanted to help. Researching, I discovered magnesium-deficiency, not iron-deficiency, bronzed the leaves.

Secretly, I added some of her Epsom-Salt (MgSO4·7H2O)—bath-salt for arthritis—around the iron-nails.

She won!

“I like writing of memorable tidbits interwoven in family-history.” – the writer

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