Who Would Do That?


By John L. Malone

Who would do that?
Put a dead pigeon in yr rubbish bin?
If it was good enough
To put in my bin
Why wasn’t it good enough
To put in theirs?
O the stink,
The weight of it!
I shoveled it out of the bin
And tossed it,
Neck all crumpled,
Into the far right hand corner of the garden
Where it could decay
In dignity
Among the cluster of leaves.
The only good thing is
It’s given me something rancorous
To write about.

John is amazed by the things that turn up in his rubbish bin sometimes.

6 thoughts on “Who Would Do That?

  1. I think it’s odd that you’re even looking in your rubbish bin, to be honest … But yes, it’s an odd thing to do, for sure. Returning the bird to Nature seems like the best end for sure.


  2. My father has been known to sing a song that goes “oh you can’t put your muck in my dustbin, my dust bin, my dustbin. Oh you can’t put your muck in my dust bin. My dust bin’s full.”. There was more but it occurred to me that the less waste you produce, the more room there is for the waste of others. So you could see the pigeon as a happy comment on your efforts to reduce your waste output. We once had somebody put dirty nappies in our recycling bin. That was pretty gross and annoying.


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