Grand, Thanks


By Seth Lewis

I’m grand, thanks, with a slight nod and an even step
Would you rather I told you what trampled my heart?
Would you pause long enough to hear me, if I did?
Don’t worry, I won’t
And neither will you
We’ll smile and nod like we always do
Nodding through life like we always do
Someday our life will be over, too
But it’s grand,

“Writing is how I think.” – the writer

3 thoughts on “Grand, Thanks

  1. Oooh, how relatable. Polite Society is so allergic to authenticity. I will never understand how an insincere question about one’s welfare ( which necessitates an equally insincere reply) counts as kindness or friendliness. I hate it. A simple “hello” allows one to be polite without the bullshit. Let me save my energy for more meaningful exchanges! Life is short.

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  2. This has such a beautiful rhythm to it as I read it. It’s something you can read again and get more and more out of as you do.

    Thank you for sharing. 😊


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