Birthday Wish

By Zeri Ort

For one brief moment, the world faded away and Eric made his thirteenth wish. Then it all came flooding back as he opened his eyes, blinked at the camera flashes and candle flames, and blew. The acrid smoke was valiantly driven back by a warm enveloping maternal embrace. As she released him with a sniff, he took in the beaming, bittersweet smiles of his mother and sister, the carefully decorated homemade cake and overly bright balloons and streamers, all the senseless effort to cover up the ten-year-old dad-shaped void in the family, which only served to accentuate it’s depth.

“I try to write beautiful things for myself and others to read if we feel like it.” – the writer

3 thoughts on “Birthday Wish

  1. This is a well told sad moment. I do wonder whether a loss by a three-year-old would linger so powerfully in the mind of a seemingly pampered thirteen-year-old, That said this thought doesn’t mar the essence of your piece.


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