Sisterly Love

By Katie Kent

“Hey buddy, time for school.”

Joseph shakes his head. “Don’t wanna go. Feel sick.”

He doesn’t feel warm. “Are those kids bullying you again?”

His bottom lip wobbles. “They say I’m retarded.”

I clench my fists. My little brother has learning difficulties.

As I help him get dressed, I notice a bruise on his leg.

“Who did this?”


At school I ask, “Who’s Kevin?”

A stocky boy looks up.

“Have you been hassling my brother?”

He smirks.

I raise my arm. “Dramigan pentura.”

Kevin vanishes instantly, replaced by a small frog.

Joseph beams. “My sister knows magic.”

Katie Kent writes because she’s made up stories in her head ever since she was a young girl struggling with mental health difficulties, and she wants to share those stories.

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