Only One

By Kimberley Cooper

The nurse knocks once, doesn’t wait for an answer. I look up from behind my desk. Her face is lined, creases around her eyes from tiredness and grief. Her voice is harsh. “It’s time.”

Covid-19 has brought us to this. One dose of Remdesivir left. And two patients who won’t survive without it. One patient has a family, pushing constantly for that last dose. And one patient has no one to fight for them. I must choose.

“Now, Director.” The nurse is right. I can’t prevaricate any more. I pick up my pen, swallow hard and sign someone’s death warrant.

“I like the challenge of distilling emotion into 100 words.” – writer

5 thoughts on “Only One

  1. You did a wonderful job, Kimberly! You have packed much emotion and much story in that 100 words. You should consider writing a novel around it! It would make a great back page or inside cover promotion! Keep up the good work!

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