Smart Enough

By Danielle Clark

I’m seventeen in cosmetology school with no passion for hair. Only having a GED, I’m convinced this is my only path. I’m not smart enough for my passion. To my horror, I’m required to take tests on anatomy, biology and safety. I fear flunking out, but I get all A’s (my hair cutting skills are a different story). Am I smart? Years later, I bravely enroll in college. I graduate with a business bachelor’s degree, then a MBA and then a doctorate. I am smart enough! Today, I’m a professor who makes sure students know they are smart enough too.

“I write to help people release limiting beliefs and hurt, supporting them to get to a place of openness, acceptance and change.” – the writer

4 thoughts on “Smart Enough

  1. I enjoyed this, and shared it with My Beloved (Dr) Sandra (EdD), who dropped out of high school in 1968, worked her way through GED while raising two daughters, moved on to her BA & then Masters, finally earning her Doctorate from University of Vermont almost half a century later. Special Ed paraeducator, SpEd Teacher, Principal (x3), Asst, Superintendant and finally Superintendent. Now, finally retired, she’s mine & mine alone, and I’m awestruck, daily.

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