Apartment 2B

By Dianne Moritz

Mosaic tiled bath,
Oak mantle carved
With twining vines,
The warm fire,
And my fear. Always
My cloud of fear, dark
And full of doubting.
We wavered like children
Wading near ocean shores.
We shied from leases,
From license.

Now, I wonder
Who couples
In our fire-lit room,
Unafraid, sure, committed?

“I write to capture indelible moments in time.” – the writer

4 thoughts on “Apartment 2B

  1. I’m so grateful for the writer and those poignant and piercing words. “Unafraid, sure, committed?”Beautifully written and I feel…despite the inhalation’s of time and memories…I feel this…Thank you ❤️


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