He Laughed Loudly

By John L. Malone

He laughed.

A door closed behind him.

He laughed more loudly.

Another door closed behind him. Slammed!

He chortled. He guffawed. He jeered.

A text came through.

“Will you STOP laughing, please? It’s annoying.”

No, he said to himself. No. It’s my evening. I’ll laugh if I want to.

And he laughed even more loudly.

The walls themselves laughed loudly too, splitting their sides.

The cross-eyed cat doubled up with laughter.

A door opened quietly behind him.

The man was too busy laughing to notice.

The cord tightened around his throat.

This was no laughing matter.

“I like writing flash fiction for the frissons it offers.” – the writer

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