Snore Monster

By jl9cs8fv2

There’s a bear in my bed, a growling grizzled black bear who snuggles up and snores in my ear.

No, wait, it’s a hit and miss engine, like the old-timers show at the fair. Sputter, choke, sputter sputter, with intermittent bursts of -et-et-et-et-et, delivered sharp, hard.

Now I hear a gentle purr, low and slow, pleasant, mesmerizing. A cat? A tiger? A cougar, perhaps? The feline purr lulls me to sleep.

Then – jerk, gasp, suck air. Breathe half dozen deep delicious breaths; jerk, gasp, suck air …

I jab elbow to his ribcage, “Rollover.”

jl9cs8fv2 writes, she says, because “It makes me happy.”

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