Solid Bloke

By James B. Revell

Troubled and vulnerable kids, some violent, attended the special school. Bullying was routine. After weekends of crime or neglect, taxis with escorts on board ferried them to school. One Monday, Steve was my only student: the rest had gone AWOL. A confrontation seemed inevitable when he refused to remove an earring …

I changed tack and asked Steve about the latest in WWF wrestling. (He liked The Undertaker.) Steve’s demeanor changed, and he challenged me to arm wrestle. He rolled up his sleeve in readiness … but then said I was a ‘solid bloke,’ and removed his earring. A Pyrrhic victory?

“I will be 70 years next birthday, all being well. I have kept a diary since 1973: when I re-read the entries the memories come flooding back.” – the writer

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