Bad Brunch

By Jon Fain

When I said, can I see you again, I have tight windows, she said. I’m just saying I’d love to see you again, I said. I don’t believe in love, she said, and I said, that’s OK I was thinking more like coffee. But you can put anything in it you like, I said, and she said, I’m not that crazy about coffee either let alone anything that goes with it. I guess that’s it then, I said, I guess you’ve said it. She said some last something I didn’t catch, because by then I was immune to her charms.

Jon Fain writes mostly out of habit at this point, not as much to impress girls.

2 thoughts on “Bad Brunch

  1. I like the writing style. I like reading short stories or do you call this a vignette? and the words flow easily. I like how you have expressed the woman’s assertiveness despite the male’s repeated entreaties to see her again. Thanks for writing this.


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