Shooting Stars

By Lois Perch Villemaire

Stars reflect light,
guide the way,
and provide hope.
Follow a star.
Wish on a star.
Lucky star.

It was engraved that year
in the book of occurrences,
she would lose two stars
in her heavenly sky.
Two esteemed orbs
of her stellar universe.

Failing and falling,
at the same time.
No intensity of prayer or care,
could alter this outcome.
The celestial signs were there,
impossible to deny.

How would she endure
this double loss?
When dark thoughts arose,
she closed her eyes,
shook her head,
attempting to scatter, displace,
and banish them.

“I write because I feel my thoughts are better expressed in poetry.” – the writer

5 thoughts on “Shooting Stars

  1. This is a powerful piece, to know of a devastation to come is a challenging prospect.

    From a sci-fi standpoint: I also like the idea of knowing that two stars would soon cease to exist. I’m now pondering the importance of that to someone so small and finite on our little planet. In what kind of world would it matter? So far flung across the universe, we are. How?

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