Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me

By Cheryl Markosky

Middle-class wild:

Wild swimming, walks, mushrooms.

Re-wilding: progressive approach to conservation.

Real wild:

Seven Persons, Cyprus County.

Population: 249

Location: Fifteen kilometres from Medicine Hat, off Highway 3.

Summer: Cattle grazing, thunderstorms, tornadoes.

Winter: Frozen tundra. Snowshoeing to check trap-line.

Key features: Doublewide trailer. Diffident elementary school. Flat prairie.

Activities: Shooting gophers with a .22 long rifle.

Dogs tearing Cocoa apart by the railway track. Innards scattered by the grain elevator.

Body of hobo found under the bleachers.

Youngest step-sister makes out with boyfriend in his truck.

Father gets construction job in Red Deer.

Older step-sister leaves.

You leave, too.

“I write to try to make sense of it all.” – the writer

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