“The Size of the Celery”

By Brian Muriel

Sometimes my son sashays
through the living room
stimming about numbers.
If he gets overly excited about
a measurement
or a weight or a
linear sequence of some kind
he’ll hop twice,
twist his wrists,
and smile.

In that microsecond—
when his feet are
off the ground and
he’s ranting about the
height of our dog
or the size of the celery—
I’ll see him joyful.
I seep inside all that bright light
where there are not differences,
or comparisons,
or forebodings.
Within that flash of air between
his feet and floor,
there is just lightness and love.

“My poetry comes from my life as a husband and father. I have one son with special needs and another one who is neuro-typical; both are brilliant inspirations for me.” – the writer

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