Be Nice To Waiters

By Yvonne Lang

Tonight, Lucy was serving a flashy, rich woman who could not hide her contempt for waitresses. She looked at Lucy with pure disdain and spoke to her as if she were an inconvenience. Money obviously couldn’t buy you manners. Lucy smiled sweetly and remained professional. She grimaced when the bill was paid without a tip. Now she felt no guilt about not warning the woman the man she was having dinner with had ‘forgotten’ his wallet on three dates that month so far. Money can’t buy you love either, but it will attract all sorts over internet dating.

“I write for enjoyment and expression.” – the writer

4 thoughts on “Be Nice To Waiters

  1. I’ve seen waitresses being treated badly, and have even apologized to them for how they were treated by the other person. I’ve even gone so far as to double my tip, to show them support, particularly if they handled the problem with grace.

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