A Tenderfoot on Horseback

By David Henson

I admire the turquoise day as the buckskin neck tugs the reins through my loosened grip. The hot tongue slaps the burbling stream. Blueberry bushes crowd the trail ahead. The fruits are big as the tip of my thumb! Wait … don’t grizzlies eat berries? Calm down. The horse would know from the scent if a bear were near. Are we upwind or down? The huge head finally rises dripping with creek. I feel a shudder ripple through the flanks. Hooves clop the stony path. How do you make a U-turn on this thing?

“I write for the enjoyment and with hope of touching a reader from time to time.” – the writer

2 thoughts on “A Tenderfoot on Horseback

  1. This was evocative for me of a time as a tween at summer camp when the horse I was supposed to ride only wanted to crop the grass at the edge of the ring. He had a bandage wrapped around one of his legs and I, convinced that the poor thing was injured, didn’t have the heart (or possibly the skill) to pull him away. We spent that horseback riding lesson as observers.

    Thank you for bringing back this memory for me.

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