Writing is Like a Diet

By Linda Chandanais

My day off – before I’m out of bed I’ve formed a plan. I’ll alternate writing with life in 2-hour chunks to get something done besides writing.

7 am – write.
9 am – laundry, dishes, make beds.
11 am – write.
1 pm – lunch, vacuum, walk the dog.
3 pm – write, timer sounds, reset, write some more.
5 pm – pee, make coffee, write some more.
6 pm – throw a haphazard meal together for the family while listening to a writer’s podcast.
7 pm – leave dishes in the sink, turn the timer off, write.
Midnight – “Yes I’m coming to bed.” Soon.

“I write for joy.” – the writer

9 thoughts on “Writing is Like a Diet

  1. This is so true. I almost felt like, “Wait! That’s my schedule.” Except, I don’t have a dog yet. 😀 Writing, to me, is like Kung Fu. It is not an activity or task. It is a way of life. I’m shocked how come no one has declared writing a religion yet!


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