Wild Flower

By Shaily Agrawal

When I die,
Don’t cover my grave with stones or epitaph.
Let me feel the seasons on my skin.
Don’t tend it everyday.

Let life take over.

Let weeds grow—Wildflowers of every colour,
So, you’d think of me in death
as in life—
A splash of wild colour in a bleak world.

When I die,
Don’t bring fresh flowers everyday.
I won’t meet you, anyway.
I’ll be somewhere sitting in a sunny nook,
Thinking of a lost song or an old book.
So, you, too, better move on.

Let life take over.

“I write because I need to.” – the writer

8 thoughts on “Wild Flower

  1. Thank you! It is more about not letting people linger in memories, pushing one’s loved ones to move on, once they are gone. While it hurts to see your love move on without you, it hurts worse if they are stuck grieving forever.


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