Yon Silv’ry Moon

By Fiona M. Jones

“Look,” said the judge. “You can’t just assault someone for writing ‘thee’ and ‘thou’.”

“But he did it WRONG,” the defendant insisted. “And he said azure and stuff. I HAD to do it.”

“A poem can’t harm—”

“Just read it, please, your honour.”

The judge gulped.

His eyes rolled in different directions.

He struggled to breathe.

“Case dismissed,” he said hoarsely. “Let the defendant go. Clearly this was reasonable self-defense.” He dropped the paper and wiped his hands.

“Thee,” said the poem, crumpled but unabashed, “art the yon silv’ry moon, Whom scaleth the azure stare case of nights room.”

“Well, this particular story was inspired by some people who post their poetry on Twitter.” – the writer

3 thoughts on “Yon Silv’ry Moon

    1. It’s something of a taboo, telling writers when their work isn’t good. I don’t think this is necessarily a good thing. On a personal level, people need to know where their genuine strengths lie and where they don’t; and on a societal level, the proliferation of bad grammar and poor-quality writing is discouraging many people from reading, and it’s also teaching tomorrow’s writers all the wrong habits of grammar and style.

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