By Martin Dupuis

My loneliness intensifies each week. How long has it been now? Looking out the window, all I can see is the blinding snow. All I can hear is the beat of the clock. Oh, but to listen to another heartbeat instead. All I can feel is the moisture on my cheek, yet another tear. How to hold up? Hold to hold on? There are a thousand questions to ask, but the first one is, “How can I feel lonely living in a city among three-million other souls?”

“Some things you just need to put to paper.” – the writer

4 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Loneliness need not visit, nor make your house it’s home.

    Friends are at your virtual door, their hearts true, their words sincere. Answer their knocks. Draw their warmth near.

    Heartbeats across space and time, regardless where they sit, are just as dear.

    Don’t wait another moment, give that bugger loneliness an eviction now. It’s not welcome here.


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