Chemical Reaction

By Miranda Keskes

“What kind of dogs do chemists have?” The department head pauses. “Laboratory Retrievers!” The new teachers chuckle politely. Susan rolls her eyes. Twenty-nine years, the same puns.

“Joking aside, classroom management during a lab is serious …”

Susan’s phone vibrates. Rough Draught has lunch specials … play hooky?

She blushes. Is Isaac asking her out?

Her phone vibrates again. It’ll be ALKALINES of fun. She laughs and glances across the classroom to meet Isaac’s gaze. He gives her a wink, then slips out the classroom door. She’s never left a meeting early, but today, Susan darts out with her ION the prize.

“I wrote this for NYC Midnight (earning myself an honorable mention), and it still makes me chuckle to picture this budding romance between two veteran teachers.” – the writer

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