Watching Map Pins

By Ria Rees

“I’m gonna check again.” I grab my phone, unlock it, peer at the map to find her pin. “Ah, here she is.”

He leans in. “She’s walked that whole way?”

“Mmm.” Can’t decide if I’m proud or worried.

“Should we send a message?”

“Mmm …” I don’t want to smother her. But the night is rolling on and the sky is getting darker. “I used to stay out till ten.”

“You lived in a cul-de-sac, middle of nowhere.”

He’s right. Things have changed. My phone buzzes, her name blinks on-screen with a message. “Can I have a lift? 😀 “

“I write as a way of connecting with others, finding emotional common ground.” – the writer

4 thoughts on “Watching Map Pins

  1. I like the original ambiguity followed by the idea of worried parents. She knows they will give her a lift–because she is also watching their location (map pin). I could be wrong, but this is good story in any case.


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