On a Gravestone in Ireland: Died of Disappointment


By Sandra Arnold

It’s time to face the truth. Your story is abysmal. It’s trite. Overblown. It’s full of mixed metaphors and sloppy syntax. The characters are one-dimensional. The plot’s missing. There’s no beginning. No middle. No proper ending. Who on earth would publish it? It will never win awards. Bookshops won’t stock it. The critics will crucify you. They will say it reveals a lot about the kind of person you are. Take our advice and burn it. Think of the pain you’ll be spared. No need to thank us. This is the whole point of our Writers’ Support Group. Who’s next?

Sandra Arnold is a Pushcart Prize and Best Small Fictions nominee. Her third novel, Ash, will be published by Mākaro Press (NZ) in 2019.

10 thoughts on “On a Gravestone in Ireland: Died of Disappointment

  1. Reblogged this on Dream Darkly Blog and commented:
    Change it to me, in Northern Ireland… and you’d be closer to the truth. Except I’m not dead. Yet. And the disappointment is not what will kill me.
    Probably the drink.
    But not from the lack of awards or recognition. That kicks in harder after the fact… even for the most cherished authors.
    I write for me. Not others. In hopes that others relate, enjoy, or find something there that means something.
    If people come along… even better. While that may make the sting dull when they close the coffin lid… I’d never feel that.
    That’s a story for another person to tell.
    Perhaps, they will tell it even better.
    Someone eventually does.
    That is how it has always been.
    No need to stand in the way of progress.
    It would bowl you over anyway, rattling your bones like tenpins in a gutter.
    The final score is not yet set and it’s your turn, again.
    A strike is only the beginning.

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