Eleven Days


By Paul Germano

He quit his drinking for her; she did the same for him. A frantic decision, made in a heartbeat, by two thirtysomethings desperate to keep their hearts beating. Their faces are haggard, their minds slightly numb, but still they persist. Eleven days and counting, with no guarantees they’ll make it to the twelfth day. They lean on each other as best as they can, taking it day by day and drinking lots and lots and lots of Ginger Ale and desperately fumbling around to find something, anything at all, that they still might have in common.

Paul Germano’s fiction has appeared in Boston Literary Magazine, The Fictional Café, Foliate Oak, Microfiction Monday, Vestal Review and Voices in Italian Americana.

7 thoughts on “Eleven Days

  1. This is a nice piece. Yes, it is one day at a time, as they say. I wish I had done it when I was a thirtysomething, I waited till I was a fiftysomething, you just have to be ready.


  2. How very true and very relatable, I think that whenever we give something up we wonder how different our lives and relationships may be, I know that when I stopped drinking I had a lot of fears initially and I worried about some of the people who were in my life and whether drinking was all that we had in common.
    A beautiful and thought provoking piece of work, well done.


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