When I’m Alone, I’m Afraid


By James McEwan

(Originally published August, 20, 2020.)

I can’t remember when I first noticed the little bird, a wheatear. When the telephone rang it appeared at the window and when I hung up the handset, I would drop some seeds or crumbs outside.

A bond developed between us and mutual expectation. The bird became my companion, and I was its source of titbits. We were creatures of habit, and the little bird became a great comfort to me in my moments of deep anxiety.

The bird will migrate soon, what will I do? I wished the calls would stop, or at least whoever it was, would speak.

“I write to free the souls trapped in the cavity of my imagination.” – the writer

12 thoughts on “When I’m Alone, I’m Afraid

  1. This left an impression on me. The touching interaction between the man and the bird coupled with the mystery of the telephone calls makes for a compelling piece.

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