By Barry Basden

I went to the store earlier today when it was cool. By myself, the wife was feeling poorly. I walked around and picked up a few things: a loaf of bread, baby spinach, three bananas, some ambrosia apples, a huge Pecos cantaloupe — they’re the best. Felt odd all afternoon, like my shoulders weren’t on right. Noticed in the bathroom mirror that my collar wouldn’t lay straight. Kept shrugging my shoulders. No dice. Then I noticed my shirt was buttoned crooked. It had been that way all day. I saw a lot of people but nobody said a thing about it.

Barry Basden lives in the Texas Hill Country with his wife and Bean, their little rescue terrier. He writes because, well, because sometimes it seems like the thing to do.

3 thoughts on “Chambray

  1. Having walked around all day with a small piece of lettuce stuck to my throat (which many people noticed, but said nothing) I now always let someone know when something’s amiss 😉


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