A Fresh Angle


(Originally published December 9, 2015)

By Nick Dunster

The elderly tenant called me up to make a formal complaint, insisting that I visit him in person that cold, December morning.

“It’s that immoral young woman over there,” he explained, gesturing toward a window in an adjacent block. “Every day she wanders around in her apartment with no clothes on.  It’s really not acceptable.”

I peered across. “Well,” I said, “I can’t see anything.”

“Ah no,” the tenant explained. “You can’t see anything from there. You’ll have to stand on this table and then lean your shoulder against this wall. Then you’ll have the right angle.”

34 thoughts on “A Fresh Angle

    1. Yup – totally right. I was just trying to convey how hard some people have to work to get themselves into a position to be offended and appalled! Nick

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  1. lol…this is awesome…why am i just seeing this now? I hate to have the last laugh in this kind of situations…Anyways, nice work! nice blog! love it!


  2. I had that neighbor, lol, they told me I should not get dressed in my room with the lights on because my sillohuette was too sexy behind the curtains. I doubt they would have used the same description if the curtains had been open. 🙂

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