The End of a Drought

By Lisa H. Owens

I could almost feel the rain on my skin. Big bloopy raindrops soaking my dusty hair and quenching a constant deep dark thirst. I stopped the car, turning off the windshield wipers to press parched lips to the droplets as they collected on the glass. It was a tease akin to a desert oasis. Water, so close yet so far away.

Slender pines swayed, bare branches mocking their excesses as they cast off the rain in wide sheets. My need was so intense. I threw open the door and stepped out, head thrown back—mouth open wide—greedily slurping the clouds’ offerings.

“I write to saturate one’s senses with neat things and odd things.” – the writer

3 thoughts on “The End of a Drought

    1. Thank you, Ron. I appreciate the kind comment! This was inspired by a rainstorm after a two month summer drought.☺️


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