A Hard Hat to Follow

By John L. Malone

You must wear a hard hat
a hard hat to go in
Dismantling the enigma of existence
is a dangerous thing
the ceiling may collapse on you
the walls cave in
punishing your arrogance
the plumbing dislodge
spewing its putrescence
over you.
You’ve messed with the masonry.
You need a hard hat
a hard hat to go in
to write poetry

John believes poetry is potent; the building metaphor came when he walked past a construction site.

Run the Ink Dry


By Tanzelle Oberholster

No piece of writing is worthy of destruction – yes, it may be cringe-worthy, but half-formed ideas hide between the bad grammar and spelling mistakes. These precious little insights will be nourished when the water of the muses flow. Crumbs of inspiration quickly transform into beautifully composed pieces. Never throw away any article of writing you felt compelled to manifest. Place the offensive piece of ink on paper in a dark drawer if you must. Let it grow there, like a fungus. Soon there will come a time when these little writer’s blights will provide the antidote to writer’s block.